Texas Whitetail Deer for Sale

The hunting industry is BIG in Texas.  The state is a booming scrubland covered up with whitetails, and this has made hunting not only a huge part of our culture but also a pretty major player in the local economy.  As the breeder industry has grown and with ever increasing numbers of whitetail deer for sale, there has never been a better time to be a serious deer hunter in the state of Texas.

The Escondido Whitetails, as well as other elite breeder facilities, was born out a passion for wildlife and a love of whitetail deer hunting.  Breeding operations usually begin at a small level and spend countless hours building the business from the ground up before ever offering whitetails for sale.  Lots of time has to be spent learning “the little things.”  The facilities and pens themselves require months of detailed planning and months more to ensure that everything is built to the highest standard possible.  Only after a long periods of thoughtful planning and a crash course or two in biology can a first class breeding operation really reach its full potential of consistently producing genetically superior whitetail deer for sale.

Very few hunting outfitters are inclined, equipped or even able to create a deer breeding program to beef up the native whitetail crop.  As more and more individual properties in Texas become surrounded by high game fences, hunters and land owners have had to redefine how they think about “native” deer populations.  These days, landowners increasingly turn to deer breeders, seeking to transform their own “Back 40” into worthwhile, even profitable, hunting leases.  After all, given the affordability and sheer numbers of quality whitetail deer for sale by high end breeders such as the Escondido Ranch, the notion of cultivating an elite whitetail population on your own property is little more than a phone call away.

However, not all breeding programs are alike.  The massive demand for quality hunting in Texas, and therefore quality whitetails for sale, opened up the door for just about anyone to get into the whitetail deer breeding business.  Prospective buyers should be aware of these fly-by-night operations that are quickly thrown together and poorly researched.  Quality breeding programs are a lot more than acreage and a flashy brochure.  Thus the growing emphasis placed on pedigree, both for males and females across the board.  Elite breeding programs only allow whitetail deer for sale that have been traced back for many generations, a painstaking process that must be planned for from the very start.  Serious breeders build programs around the importance of pedigree.  All of the Escondido’s whitetails for sale have full, provable lineages, authenticated and certified through DNA testing.  We built our program around the provability of lineage, and it’s one of the many things that sets us apart from some other breeders.

In the end, what matters is finding a breeder that knows what they’re doing and can prove it.  DNA-certification is completely computer based now, and any quality line of deer genetics will have the records to prove it.  Don’t entrust the future of your deer herd to just anyone with whitetail deer for sale.  Find a premiere breeding program and don’t be afraid to ask questions. We'll let you pull your own hair samples for lab testing and DNA certification.  You’ll know right away if you’re at the right place or not.