Escondido Whitetails: Trophy Deer Breeders of Texas Hill Country

The Escondido Ranch is located in the rugged, mesquite scrubbed hills of west central Texas.  The ranch consists of over 1,200 high-fenced acres of some of the most beautiful landscape Texas has to offer, from the spring-fed river that cuts through the canyons to the dense, rolling hills of highland cedar brush.  The views from the top are truly breathtaking, a sprawling panorama of lush thickets and sun-bathed limestone that call to mind the splendorous setting of a classic Western movie. 

Our ranch has been family owned and operated since 1980 and is plentiful in both exotic and native game, consistent with this truly unique area of Texas, where long ago exotic animals successfully took root in the native biology.  Our hunting operation is one of the best in the state, offering once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to see a real global spectrum of trophy animals; Aoudad sheep, Axis deer, Fallow bucks, Sika bucks, Blackbuck antelope, bull and cow Elk, and hogs can be hunted year round under provisions of Texas law.  Our native trophy opportunities are world class as well, featuring  Rio Grande turkeys, and a carefully managed, top-tier whitetail population from our own premiere breeding facility.

We entered the whitetail deer breeding business out of a passion for Texas wildlife and a desire to host a population of deer that have achieved their highest genetic potential.   As the old saying goes, “Anything worth doing is worth doing right,” and this is the approach we took to building the Escondido whitetail breeding program.  We received input from top whitetail deer breeders in Texas, and we worked hard to build a program of the highest caliber.

Our deer breeding program was built to pursue the iconic antler characteristics of a true, natural trophy whitetail.  We meticulously studied the antler characteristics of hundreds of the top whitetail breeder bucks on the continent and hand picked a select few to create and represent the traits of an Escondido buck.  We selected sires such as Gladiator, Gladiator Express, Big Bad Bob, Bambi Double Drop, Bambi Daggertine, 2-Wide, X Factor, Yardstick, Maxbo and other world-famous bucks with antler characteristics of extreme width, height, and fundamental symmetry.

At the Escondido Whitetails, we are also committed to the idea that a deer breeding program is only as strong as its breeder does.  We made sure to start with a foundation of thoroughly pedigreed whitetail does, proven producers of 250” - 300” antler potential.  This foundation has grown significantly, providing us with a solid base from which to run our successful deer breeding program.

The deer breeding facilities at the Escondido are absolutely state of the art.  The facility itself was designed with the help of our wildlife manager,Chad Barington a veteran deer breeder.   We have multiple pens covering over 37 acres that is constantly supervised by our on-site staff, ensuring that the animals have a quiet and comfortable place to develop.  The nutrition of our whitetail deer is closely monitored. 

Whitetail deer breeding is a large commitment, both of time and significant resources.  We work very hard in pursuit of our dream of producing whitetails of enormous genetic potential.  Our whitetail DNA lineages are certified on both the doe and sire’s sides, granting us a base of certified, proven registered whitetail deer.

Thank you for visiting our website and learning a little more about our ranch, our breeding goals, and most importantly, our deer!

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